Terms and Condition

1) If you give us name of the product, we will try to find the cheapest in US market on our own. If you give us URL, Items will be purchased from your given URL.
2) Within 2-3 days of your order request, we will contact you with final price of the item, which will include all shipping, custom Cost and Service Charge.
3) Deposit will ensure us and your order.

    Item costing up to Rs. 1000 No Deposit
    From Rs. 1000 to Rs. 5000 : Rs. 1000 Deposit.
    From Rs 5000 and up : 50% of Total cost.

If item is not delivered within time frame or item is damaged in between transport, you will receive full refund of deposit.
4) We will ensure your product will be at your hand in best condition, you can deny order if the item is damaged and get full refund of deposit. But you can not deny your ordered item after it shipped to Nepal in perfect condition, you will lose all your Deposit.

5) Items will be in Nepal within 25 to 30 days after you agree with the final cost.

6) Prohibited/ recalled / banned items (in any countries) can not be ordered.
7) Delivery within the Ring Road is free of Charge, but outside the Ring Road (Kathmandu Valley Only) we charge NRS 100 at the time of item delivery. Currently,due to limited workforce we are unable to Deliver Outside the Kathmandu Valley.